Alternative Medicine Early Leaders

Here we talk about two of the early leaders and pioneers of dental and medical alternative and complementary medicine. Early work from these two men helped current dentistry and medical treatments today.

Lloyd Clayton Jr.

clayton college natural health

Distance learning is very popular nowadays and suits the lifestyle of many students. The Clayton College of Natural Health, based in Birmingham, Alabama offers graduation programs, master’s levels and PhD programs in a wide range of courses. Alternative or complementary treatments are also popular, as people have become interested in seeking alternatives to conventional medicine.

The courses are valuable to anyone wishing to gain expertise in a specific subject for their own interest or to use in the pursuit of a career as a practitioner. Clayton College of Natural Health is well known with various alumni appearing in the media. Gillian McKeith (an expert in nutrition and a personality on television) and the author and naturopath, Hulda Regehr Clark are a well known gratuates.

A doctor of naturopathic medicine, Lloyd Clayton Jr., founded the college in 1980. Traditional Naturopathy is one of the curriculum choices available, along with Holistic Nutrition and Wellness and various natural health degree courses. Naturopathy is a broad subject, offering natural alternatives to invasive surgery and drugs. It includes such disciplines as herbalism, aromatherapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy.

Nutritional studies introduce the student to the benefits of organic food and a diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables and organically raised meat. This reflects a general move away from processed foods and foods treated with chemicals and preservatives. Students learn about the value of foods such as garlic, olive oil, sea salt, nuts, brown rice and beans. There are also many herbs to learn about, including horsetail, papaya, wild yam root and aloe vera. There are also Certificate Programs available in Iridology Studies, Herbal Studies and Healthcare Professional Studies. For those interested in nutrition for animals, there is the Companion Animal Studies program.

Students are taught both theory and practice in all the disciplines and can study at their own pace. There are e-learning programs but students without a computer can also be a student. All the books and coursework is provided and faculty staff is available to answer any queries or to offer advice. Clayton College of Natural Health staff includes doctors of naturopathy, a chiropractor, counselors, a master herbalist and massage therapists.

Students are encouraged to feel part of a community at the Clayton college of Natural Health and a web site is designed so that they can communicate with one another. There are quizzes and recipes posted and a student’s book club. The entry level to the college is a High School Diploma, G.E.D or equivalent.

Edgar Cayce

Edward Cayce complementary medicine

There is a lot of interest in alternative therapies and complementary medicine today as people seek another path, away from conventional wisdom. Edgar Cayce was a very unusual man and an enterprising one. He was hailed as a psychic by his many followers. In addition to giving psychic readings, he had an interest in astrology and re-incarnation. However, his promotion of Edgar Cayce remedies is his most well known legacy.

Cayce’s belief in his products, pre-empted the complementary health movement and he gained celebrity status for his success in making naturopathy and folk healing popular. The Edgar Cayce remedies, still easily available today, fit in with the New Age interest in holistic medicine and he was an early pioneer of this philosophy. He also advocated a diet without meat, fried food, white bread and alcohol, apart from red wine and plenty fruit and vegetables.

The product range is very wide and caters for several different illnesses and conditions. Edgar Cayce remedies include homeopathic products such as Cimex Lectularius, which helps to reduce phlebitis, water retention and minor joint pain. There are also treatments for digestive problems and these include Ragweed Tincture, containing ragweed, grain alcohol and water. Olive Oil is also recommended for the digestion, in the form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is also good for the skin.

People with sensitive skin and skin problems have a wide choice of Edgar Cayce remedies to choose from and many customers use treatments to maintain a healthy complexion. Sulflax is a mineral skin cleanser and the ingredients are sulphur, cream of tartar and Rochelle salts. Treatments for massages are also available and include Aura Glow Massage and Beauty Oil. This oil stimulates circulation and contains olive oil, lanolin, peanut oil and Vitamin E oil.

The complexion also benefits from Lavender and Roses Skin Lotion, which can be used for the hands, arms and face. It is especially suitable for improving dry skin and the ingredients are rosewater, grain alcohol, lavender oil and olive oil. Castor Oil is applied for the treatment of foot problems, such as calluses and corns.

There are several products that work as relaxants, designed to relieve stress and help with insomnia. These include organic Valerian tincture and Passion Flower Fusion, which contains passion flower and ginseng. Lithia Water, an extract from lithium is also taken for stress and to purify the kidneys. Customers of Edgar Cayce remedies will continue to use natural products and follow his recommendations.