Entrusting your Health to Naturopathic Physicians

Naturopathic physicians try to cure a disease in a patient by trying to restore his body to its natural state of balance. That’s what naturopathy does – the science uses an understanding of how natural balance occurs in the body and tries to help you work towards it.

If you have a disease, naturopathy physicians believe, that the disease isn’t really what you need to be concerned about. Instead, they believe that there is an underlying imbalance in your body that they need to find out and then use drugs to correct. If you took drugs to get better, they feel that you would just be suppressing the body’s message to you that there was something wrong with you and your balance.

So, if you had a problem, how exactly would naturopathic physicians try to go about making you feel better? Usually, their method of treatment relies entirely on dietary supplements, nutrition counseling, acupuncture and even homeopathy and herbal medicine. If you hate how when you go to a regular hospital, the doctor just seems to give you a cursory look before scribbling out a prescription, you’ll find that naturopathic physicians make for a refreshing change.

Usually, they’ll spend an hour or even two or three talking to you about your lifestyle, to try to find out what you might be doing wrong to upset your balance. Of course, not every kind of disease is treated well with naturopathy. Some diseases though, really are treated very well. Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, PMS, high blood pressure, skin problems, depression, long-standing pain – naturopathy usually has great cures for all of these.

So how exactly do you go find a doctor and be sure that he’s good? A physician trained in this discipline needs to go to naturopathic college that’s accredited. It’s a four-year degree at a naturopathy medical school that teachers all kinds of medical courses. There are professional board exams to.

Make sure that you ask the doctor if he has training in the specific problems you wish to be treated for. The best doctors will not try to treat conditions all by themselves. They will rather work in collaboration with regular doctors. Try to get a doctor like this. There are just four accredited med schools for naturopathy in North America. Try to get a doctor who’s graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, or the Southwest College in Scottsdale, or the Bastyr University in Seattle.